A Better World for Kids: Concept

Our concept for
A Better World for Kids is a fun, educational mobile game for kids that encourages kindness, helpfulness, and ways to do good.
How it Works

The game encourages tried-and-true values like gratitude, kindness, and giving, as well as updated concerns that face kids today, like anti-bullying, recycling, and healthy eating.

Positive Actions
Kids in A Better World will get a house, a job, and even pets. Jobs will be based on gameplay kids already know and love such as Cooking, Building, Puzzles and more. But in A Better World for Kids, it will be actions like Learning to Cook Healthy, Sorting and Recycling using Match 3, and Solving Word Games with Positive Themes.
Positive Attitude
A Better World for Kids is based on the science of Positive Psychology which shows that happiness levels and overall sense of well-being increase when we do good deeds! Kids will focus on being kind and being a good friend, essential components of anti-bullying.
In Real Life
Kids in A Better World for Kids are asked to do good in the game AND in the real world. This is not just about sitting and playing online, but about going out in the real world and doing good. Parents can even add real world household chores to the game, so their kids get points for real life good deeds, too.
All Good Deeds Are Rewarded
Kids earn Do-Good Gold for the positive actions they do in the game and Positive Points for their positive attitude in the game. Kids are used to being rewarded for good deeds by their parents and teachers, so A Better World for Kids will fit right in!
Dressing Up, Decorating, and Pets, too!
Kids can use Do-Good Gold to select virtual goods for their avatar and virtual home. Kids can decorate their house, dress up in fun clothes and costumes, even adopt pets to care for and play with. Positive Points make kids' houses grow, and they also unlock cool new parts of the game.
10% Of Profits To Charities
A Better World for Kids has promised to pledge 10 percent of its post-campaign net profits to charity. The company will support a new charity every two months and work with these charities to make the real world a better place for kids.