A Better World creators, Ray, MarySue, and Gregory Hansell, sat down with anchor Vai Sikahema to talk about how they are “taking the guilt out of gaming.” A Better World is an uplifting, pro-social, virtual world game that encourages positive actions, positive thinking, and doing good.

Chief Product Officer, Gregory Hansell, explained that A Better World is similar to other virtual world games in that players have characters, homes, and interact with other gamers, but explained that the do-good aspect sets A Better World apart. “What makes a better world different, is that players advance by doing good,” said Gregory Hansell.

A Better World encourages gratitude, habits of goodness, positive mindsets, and giving to social causes to make a difference. Players can even send get well notes to real world children recovering from surgeries. Fun rewards for doing good include dressing up, taking care of pets, and decorating virtual homes. Players also work together to meet do-good goals that, when met, release money to charities.

To date, over 4 million people have done 40 million good deeds in A Better World with a goal to reach one billion good deeds worldwide. Through their Cause Gaming® initiative, all good done in the game goes toward meeting monthly goals that, when met, raise awareness and release funds to non-profit causes. Over 20 causes, nationally and internationally, helping both children and adults, have been supported by A Better World, including: Operation Warm, CURE International, World Vision, Vetri Foundation, and Dr. Phil Foundation, among many others.

To watch the interview go to: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/A-Family-Designs-A-Facebook-Game_Philadelphia-375565301.html

About A Better World: 
A Better World is a Social Enterprise whose mission is to make "Uplifting Games and Apps to Brighten the World." Our goal with everything we do is: Do-Good, Have Fun, and Change The World. We're committed to creating awesome stuff designed with the purpose of making a difference through optimism, altruism, and charity. Our flagship product is our A Better World game on Facebook, "Where All Good Deeds Are Rewarded and Real World Causes Are Supported!" Over 4 million people have done over 40 million good deeds in A Better World. Check it out at http://www.Facebook.com/ABetterWorld.